Why Become a MedSource Approved Manufacturer?

  • Improved volumes through consolidated activity by MedSource members
  • Additional channel for sharing product information with customers/patients in coordination with retailers and distributors
  • MedSource will only list a very limited number of products for each type of medicine and pharmaceutical product in its catalogue to ensure that product volume is delivered to its contracted manufacturers while providing quality, favorably priced product access to end users

Why Become a MedSource Distributor

Pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals need to efficiently control costs while delivering safe and effective patient care. Distributors are instrumental in meeting these needs.

MedSource works to add value across the entire supply chain by maintaining strong and mutually beneficial relationships. MedSource welcomes suppliers of pharmaceutical products and medical/surgical supplies to partner with us to help enhance marketplace competition and offer affordable and quality pharmaceutical solutions to our members.

Benefits of Becoming a MedSource Distributor

Contracted suppliers will benefit from the key relationships and resources we offer:

  • Access to an aggregated pool of vetted and duly registered healthcare businesses.
  • Improved sales volumes for competitively quoted products through MedSource members
  • Risk management for the distributor – MedSource facilitates provision of credit for its members through bank guarantees and other financial instruments
  • Data analytics – MedSource, through its enterprise resource planning system, provides previously unavailable market intelligence that enables its members make informed business decisions
  • Improved forecasting by aggregation of fragmented demand